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If It’s Not Working, You’re Not Doing It Right

I once interviewed a wildly fascinating couple. Pat and Laura Melendy lived on a boat with their two young children. They worked when they chose to, lived simply and sailed the world. I was transfixed by their intentional lifestyle and when I asked Laura how […]

3 Essentials to Start Living Intentionally

I’ve been thinking about what it is, on the most basic level, every person needs to get started living intentionally. I’ve come up with three essentials: Un-schedule your time. Show up. Open your heart. Most of us have woven immensely busy lives for ourselves filled […]

Inaugural Post: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I’ve made a new commitment to live intentionally – to re-evaluate the choices I make, large and small, as I move through the days, months and years. I’ve noticed many of my choices are on autopilot to accommodate a busy life, but that’s no longer […]