Science and Environmental Writer



Hi, I’m Jennifer Berry, a freelance writer and editor who focuses on science and the environment, and I love what I do! I write for all ages and audiences, and my range of work extends from scientific journalism, contemplative essays and engaging profiles, to advocacy, educational pieces and projects for children, which energize me!

My work has appeared in Highlights for Children, Wildlife Conservation, E-The Environmental Magazine (now EarthTalk), Sacramento News & Review, Comstock’s, Living Aboard, Orion Magazine, the anthology, The Contemporary Reader, and on Public Radio International. Additionally, I have 12 years experience as a senior writer and editor in corporate communications. During my tenure, I developed creative writing projects for my corporate employer that are now used by children and families around the world.

Recently I launched Slow and Steady, an exploration of intentional living. Everything we do is connected, and I’m convinced inner peace and personal enrichment naturally translates into sustainable living that respects, supports and preserves the planet and the rich diversity of life that depends on it … including ourselves. Please join me!

I earned my B.S. in biological sciences focused on wildlife biology and conservation, and completed University of California, Davis’ two-year creative writing program. Additionally, I’m an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National Association of Science Writers.

In addition to writing, I love birding, kayaking on lakes, cooking vegan, photographing wildlife, urban farming, getting lost in books and being so quiet I’m absorbed into the natural world. A few topics I’m fascinated by and would love to write about include viruses and bacteria, storms at sea, animal social structures and communication, and the microscopic world.